About Us

TingTang means the ultimate goal in life – freedom

To properly wash your hair, or your tots, without showering. To not worry, whether rushed, travelling, in need of care, going out from the gym, protecting your blow dry, avoiding residue or volume, getting your little ones out of the house or concerned about their health, the planet or your hip pocket.

But most of all TingTang means the freedom to feel your best self; the confidence to live fully, anytime, anywhere, with precious space to do everything you want, or nothing at all.

Because life won’t wait for hair to dry.

TingTang is a Dry Wash Shampoo

You’ll see many different types of product on the shelf, all describing what they do differently. The reality is most simply spray an extra layer onto your hair, absorbing some grease but not actually cleaning it. Our Dry Wash Shampoo gives you all the convenience of a fast, dry shampoo, but by towelling it out afterwards, you are actually removing the grime, leaving you or your tots mane looking and feeling gloriously fresh, and as clean as if it was showered. The best of both worlds.

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